Forestry Equipment

Link-Belt Forestry Machines, Built For The Laboring Jobs Of Lumber Work.

Link-Belt Forestry machines are designed and built specifically for the work you do…whether it’s building access roads, harvesting timber in the woods or processing logs in the millyard. We design and build machines that are perfectly matched to those applications and more.

It all starts with the customer. We spend a lot of time with loggers and timber processors to learn first-hand what their equipment needs are, and make sure that we have the right solutions to their applications. On any given week, you might find us doing clinic tests on forestry machines at a remote logging operation …gathering VOC at a millyard…or conducting field studies on a new attachment. Wherever the work is, that’s where you’ll find us.

We have a team of engineers dedicated to forestry product design and development. All of the work they do insures that Link-Belt Forestry machines are built to withstand the real-woods stresses and strains you encounter every day.