Cranes With Powerful Booms For The Toughest Jobs Far To Reach.

Link-Belts Cranes are the ideal equipment for performing various tasks and maintenance duties in high-to-reach areas. Our HTC Telescopic Truck series come with Halogen Lights, LED marker brake, back-up and turn indicators, so you can work during all hours of the day or night. The HTC Comes with backlit gauges, switches, and controllers for better view and control of your equipment. That's not it, The HTC Series offers LED illuminated storage compartment, outrigger controls, fuel fill, and bubble level. The HTC is built to be convenient, a similar feature the Rough Terrain (RT) Series has as-well. The RT Series Crane features a boom length and capacity that outreaches most competitors and built with simple operations so you, the operator, can control the machine better.