Link-Belt 370 LX MH Tier 3

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Advanced Hydraulic System Top-of-the-Class Cycle Times/Fuel Efficient The LX Series hydraulic system efficiently delivers power, speed and control when and where it’s needed. Fuel consumption and cycle times are more efficient in swing/ dump operations over conventional models. This is accomplished through reducing system pressure loss, re-using return oil and providing double pump flow during key operations. Two Hydraulic Return Lines Two hydraulic returns lines mean faster speed in the system, and reduces back pressure build-up. 2 Speed Boom and Arm The 2-speed boom lifting and arm opening and closing function provides the LX series with top-of-its-class lifting speed especially in multi-function operations such as truck or barge loading. Cushioned Swing This built-in special cushion valve greatly reduces the shock and vibration at the end of each swing cycle, especially important for grapple and magnet operations.Cushioned Attachment Control In addition to having cushioned cylinders, selectable cushioned attachment control lets you smooth out the attachment movements. A cushion valve in the boom and arm circuits reduce shock loading and vibration during attachment operation. Free Swing Allows the operator to disengage the swing brake providing crane-like precision and control when handling loads. Single Pedal Travel Allows the operator to engage both tracks at the same time using only one pedal. This keeps the machine in line and provides safety and ease in loading/unloading the machine for transport. Automatic Speed Shifting When operating in difficult travel conditions, the travel motor automatically downshifts from high to low speed for increased tractive effort and then automatically returns to high speed when travel conditions permit. Fuel Tank Capacity The LX Series fuel tank provides the capacity to reduce refueling frequency, allowing for an extended work day.


Operating weight 47.3 metric tons
Operating weight 104,145 lbs
Swing Torque 112,110 lbf-ft
Swing Speed 0 - 8.1
Engine Make Isuzu
Engine Model AH-6HK1XYSS
Net HP 271
Max travel speed 2.6 mph